One to One SKYPE Mentoring 

The course focuses on how to:

•Provide individual students with a structured progression, tailored precisely to develop them, within a class context
•Develop safe dance practise that enhances and encourages health and well being
•Develop artistry
•Encourage and promote positive social skills and social integration through collaboration and teamwork
•Encourage and enhances positive self evaluation
•Develop a deep understanding of musical form and content.
•Help children and young people to develop a range of personal, social, physical, artistic, creative and critical thinking skills.
•Explore dance as a prime expression of culture, of heritage, identity and achievement.
•Encourage the essential imaginative base of all thinking and creativity through choreography
•Encourage the expression of emotion in a creative and structured form

This course is not genre specific and includes

•Teaching and learning strategies
•Safe dance practice and injury prevention
•Performance skills

This course is suitable for teachers working in the public or private sector

I care passionately that people of all ages have high quality dance tuition that stimulates and develops their minds and bodies and spirits.

I have put together a course of study that will enable dance teachers to deliver inspirational and life enhancing dance tuition.
I have a passion for dance and its place in broadening and enriching peoples life experience through cultural development. I can be a source of advice, training, ideas, support and information for anyone interested in dance and dance teacher training.

At the heart of my philosophy is the love of dance and the realization that dance is a unique educational activity, combining physical, artistic and cognitive functioning which promotes the deep holistic search for information which education should provide.
Susan Harvey MSc
Susan Harvey - Dance Scientist
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