What is Dance Science?

Science comes from the Latin word for knowledge and scientific thinking is a way to know things by exploring them, by asking questions and not just accepting what someone else tells you.

Knowing about the science of dance is important to anyone who wants to be an elite dancer or a dance teacher because when you know the science behind dance you can use it to make your dancing better or to make others dance better, without as much effort. You can also use dance as a way to keep fit and healthy without any of the problems that can arise from bad training.

Many dance companies now employ dance scientists to reduce injuries, improve performance and make sure their dancers stay fit and well.

These are three workshops I use to teach about dance science and improve dance technique

Fuelling the machine: putting petrol in the car
How good nutrition makes better, stronger dancers.
How food gets turned into muscle and energy
Different types of energy
Energetic transformations

Stacking the bones
A look at how to dance from your bones outwards.
  How correct alignment and good posture maximise technical prowess
Construction, movement and structure of bones
  Increase flexibility without stretching

Wordless talk
How the body communicates with itself without words
Link between breathing, peptides, hormones and nerves.
Practical exercises using breathing and changes in abdominal air pressure to increase core stability and strength 

Susan Harvey MSc
Susan Harvey - Dance Scientist
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